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    Night Hunter Trailer HD IMDB: 5.

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    Night Hunter: Directed by David Raymond.

  • But when he did, it was still a sweet moment between the pair, who had a solid connection from the start.
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    HD 5.

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  • Welcome to the whimsical world of professional mermaiding, where people's passion for swimming in fins has exploded into a half-billion-dollar industry.
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    A weathered Lieutenant, his police force, and a local vigilante are all caught up in a dangerous scheme involving a recently arrested, troubled man who's linked to years of female abductions and murders.

  • The happy couple reveals what they’ve been up to over the last 6 months and what’s next.
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    One of this year's darkest and most daring thrillers - in the vein of killer classic Silence of the Lambs.